Dominion Men

Dominion Men

1st Wednesdays @7PM


Dominion Men Learn


Each year THE EMPOWERED WALK OF DOMINION among men select a book to study together as men. Books such as Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and Family Shepherds by Voddi Bauchman have strengthened us greatly.  Dominion Man men’s gathering will reconvene in 2018 with a refocused study of Kingdom Man by Dr. Tony Evans. Join us for these special monthly gatherings to be empowered through the word of God.

Dominion Men Serve

Because leaders are servants

When men understand that they are gifted and called by God to be leaders and heads of their homes, service is a natural response to God’s goodness. As men gather to be equipped, empowered and educated in God’s word, the walk of dominion grows stronger, families are changed and communities are transformed.  Dominion Man it’s your time to walk in dominion and lead. We look forward to seeing you at the next gathering.

Servant Leaders Are Needed
To lead in the house of God.
God is in need of men to stand guard, guide and govern the affairs of the church. We encourage you to step up and step out and serve God’s purpose in the earth. See Deac. Hargraves for how you can get connected. Men are currently needed to lead in areas such as:

Ushers & Security
Service Facilitators
Audio/Video Technical Team
Praise & Worship/Musicians
Teachers in Christian Education

Dominion Men Grow

When they are connected

The times in which we live have attempted to cripple, silence and emasculate men from their homes and rightful places in society.  Yet, there is still a deep need and cry for males to indeed be men in their places of function.  Men everywhere have heard the old adage, “ Why don’t you just be a man”.  Western society and the world at large continue to experience the changing imagery of what it means to be a man.  However, God has not changed his mind concerning male spirituality and Christlikeness.


The Bible records the story of a flawed man’s man in King David’s rights of passage to his son Solomon.  The bible in I King’s says, “Now the days of David drew near that he should die, and he charged Solomon his son, saying: “I go the way of all the earth; be strong, therefore, and prove yourself a man” The passage continues with powerful points from David to Solomon of what it takes to be a man.  These points are critical for the development of the Kingdom in every man:


Following the Word of God– Scripture as a man’s guiding source

Following the Ways of God– The application of God’s wisdom as a Guiding source

Following the Will of God– Prioritizing Godly purposes above our own.

Falling in Love with Worship of God– Learn to love God with worship in the sanctuary and as a lifestyle.


As followers of Christ men should see their call as He did. Men should not only hear the word but receive it with gladness, commit to walking in it in their own lives. They should seek to be faithful to share what God has taught them with others.


As a Dominion Man you will develop as a man of God, as you stay connected to God, His word and His church. This ministry will gather men to follow the word, God’s and ways and HIS will with a lifestyle emphasizing of worship unto God.


Ministry Coordinators
Micheal Brice, Darrick White, Eugene Fenner Events are scheduled, promoted and led by the Dominion Men’s Core Team.